A little voice-over fun!

I stumbled on this and thought it was pretty fun and brings up a very important question.  Do you have a regional accent? If so, what have you done about erasing it?

Lot’s of voice-over talent myself included, have had coaching just to get rid of that regional accent and get that neutral American English that is most widely accepted in professional voice work. True, there is that occasional job that prefers the regional accent of a given area. One of the hardest things to do is to switch between a regional accent and neutral English when needed.

For fun I invite you to take this test linked below, share your results in the comments below. What training have you done or tricks do you use to control your regional accent?


2012 A Brand New Start!

It has been a while since my last blog post and there is a good reason, I have reevaluated my blog presence and have decided to make major changes for 2012! I mean who wants to hear our behind the scenes stories anyways? People want to read something containing useful information. Content that they can use to improve their life or the way they do business, so my blogs from now on are going to do just that. I will be covering a wide spectrum of topics from rodeo production, voice-over, audio, and business that can help a wide diversity of folks. If you happen to stumble on this blog with its new informational format please subscribe, and add me to your blogroll. So here is to a great 2012 for everyone out there!

Update on 2/25: Since I posted this blog on Jan 22 not only have I upgraded this website, but I have built a dedicated web presence for voice-over at http://www.voiceoversbydavie.com. The new voice-over site will not only be a hub for getting my demos out and generate voice-over business, but will also host a blog that will be dedicated to voice-over, recording and production. All blogs related to those subjects will be moved over there in time.

This blog site will concentrate on rodeo business, production, and an occasional return to our behind the scenes adventures.

What are your new plans for the coming year?