Read testimonials of what these folks had to say about the high level of services that Davie can bring to your rodeo…

  • “Davie Kimm  is a very professional announcer.  He is very knowledgeable in
    what he is doing.  Davie is very easy to work with and keeps the rodeo
    committee in mind at all times.  He is very willing to do what is asked of
    him and keeps the sponsors in mind.  His wife Nicky does a very
    outstanding job with the sound.  Davie is one of those guys that after a
    weekend of working with him—-you will part ways as friends.”

Miles Miller, President – Ashley Community Rodeo Club


  • “Davie Kimm’s attitude and work ethic continues to impress us at the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo. He is great to work with, and constantly strives to meet our needs and expectations, especially as it relates to our sponsors. Davie provides great play-by-play coverage. Davie also works with the stock contractor and rodeo athletes prior to each performance, so that he can provide detailed analysis before and after each individual entry. Davie’s approach entertains and educates our fans. We are pleased to recommend Davie Kimm for your consideration as your next rodeo announcer.”

Jim Miskimins, Chair – Corn Palace Stampede RodeoMitchell, SD


  • “Davie Kimm is presentable and professional before, during and after a PRCA rodeo. He does his homework in advance on contestants and livestock. He understands the western lifestyle and does not allow situations beyond his control to interupt his connection with the rodeo fans. Davie’s strongest attribute is taking direction but having enough confidence to ask questions if warranted. Davie Kimm is easy to work with and a credit to the PRCA.”

John Barnes – PRCA B.O.D. – Barnes PRCA Rodeo – Cherokee, IA


  • “There are not too many announcers that have a crystal clear voice, rodeo experience as a contestant and a great sound system but you get all of those with Davie Kimm. There is not an announcer in rodeo that carries himself with the professionalism that Davie does!”

“Backflip” Johnny Dudley – PRCA Rodeo Entertainer & Barrelman


  • “Davie has announced the Hamel Rodeo & Bull Ridin’ Bonanza for the past 2 years and will be coming back in 2011 and well beyond!  He also furnished the sound and music with wife Nicky at the computer.  I can’t say enough good about the way he is prepared, attentive, and easy to work with and Nicky is really on the ball too.  They have become very important and valued members of our production team.  Davie understands what it takes in all areas to put on a good performance and puts everything he has into each and every performance.  He is also extremely good at pre rodeo publicity/radio and TV interviews and appearances, and ready and willing to help out in any way,  His equipment is top notch and you never have to worry whether or not he has checked everything out completely each and every day.  I also work in the capacity of arena director and am the person communicating with the announcer – he makes my job easy…”

Shorty Dorweiler,  Manager – Hamel Rodeo & Bull Ridin’ Bonanza


  • “In having the opportunity to work with Davie and Nicky Kimm over the past few years at the Black Hills Stock Show Rodeo tour stop in Rapid City, SD, I have become a huge fan. They are a dynamic duo together, yet both are becoming forces to be reckoned with in their own fields.”
  • “I find Davie to be both knowledgeable and professional in his presentation; further his demeanor is indicative of how very easy he is to work with. His sense of timing and ability to pick up on cue is uncanny. He is an asset to all involved in the rodeo. I believe Davie has a very bright future in our industry and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.”
  • “Anyone can purchase sound equipment, the right program, and the perfect music. However, knowing how to utilize it to compliment the entire production of the rodeo is the key to success. Nicky has that sixth sense that is so rare – she knows what to play, when to play it, and when to let the rodeo speak for itself. I would welcome her at any of my rodeo events anywhere, anytime throughout the year.”

Wayne R. Brooks, 2005, 2010, 2013 & 2016 PRCA Announcer of the year


  • “We have been so fortunate to be able to work with Davie and Nicky during our Xtreme Bulls events in Rapid City, SD. They are not only willing to do whatever it takes to make the event shine, but bring so much to the table! Their music selection, timing, enthusiasm, and production ideas are always “right on”! Davie is of course an absolute professional, from research to delivery……then Nicky orchestrates the entire program and leads the spectators right down the path to total relationship with the flow of live action. Don’t get caught in could have, would have, should of……be blessed in your free will to choose. It’s Davie and Nicky in or out of the spotlight…..First Class!”

David L. Sharp, PRCA Xtreme Bulls Tour


  • “I have known and worked with Davie for a number of years now. Being a Professional Rodeo Clown I have dealt with Davie on the production end of the rodeo business at various rodeos across the country. I have always respected his professionalism, attention to detail and the passion that shows in his work.”

“Rocket Ryan” Litwin, PRCA Rodeo Clown & Entertainer


  • “Our Committee hired Davie in 2007 to announce our rodeo, The Corn Palace Stampede and were impressed by his professionalism and eagerness to go the extra mile to make things succeed!  We also hired Davie and his wife Nicky to provide the sound system and music production and were very pleased they were second to none!  We are bringing them back, and I would recommend both Davie, and his wife Nicky for a great team that will make any event a success!”

Lance Carson, Corn Palce Stampede – Mitchell, SD


  • “As a successful past contestant Davie’s perspective is unique while announcing. He has a passion for the sport that shows whenever he announces. Davie is a professional with a great attitude and we always look forward to working with him.”

Phillip, Julie, Rider & Roper Kiesner, PRCA Specialty Act


  • “Our committee hired Davie for our PRCA rodeo, The Sitting Bull Stampede for the first time in 2004, and were not disappointed! He brought a good fresh voice and a lot of rodeo knowledge and professionalism with him! We look forward to working with him in the future”

Darrell Schlepp, Sitting Bull Stampede – Mobridge, SD


  • “We have found Davie to be dependable, professional, able to handle any situation, and a tremendous help with pre-rodeo promotions. He also has great music production and sound available that will more than entertain your crowd.”

Jim & Julie Sutton, Sutton Rodeos, INC – Onida, SD