May – November 2012

All I can say is WOW! Time has really slipped on by! Not that I have huge numbers of folks who are die hard followers of this blog, but I have seriously let things get way behind! Needless to say a lot has been going on and once again I have been blessed with so many great opportunities throughout this past year.

So, with a day away from the farm thanks to some much needed rain & snow. I will try to catch you up in brief.

An early spring meant all the planting at the farm was done by early May even after replanting about 700 acres that was nearly washed away by some early spring storms. Then it was back on the road. This year I had stops from Atlantic City, NJ to Breckenridge, CO with many in between!  The tricky part was keeping up with the increasing demand of voice-over work while on the road away from my studio. Along with the rodeos I was able to spend about a week and a half with my parents who relocated to Denver, CO a few years ago. I was also able to spend some time in the back country with my oldest brother who has been a Colorado resident for over 20 years. Overall a very blessed year, and it is looking like 2013 will be no different!

As things slowed down with rodeo events this past month, I have been back at the farm harvesting that 3,000+ acres we planted last spring. An early spring planting season has made for an early harvest season too! Before I was done working my rodeos in September they were already hard at it. During this years harvest, I have had to rotate between the farm and my studio to keep up with my growing voice-over client base. By the way if you are ever in need of any voice-over work please visit my voice-over website here

This next week I will finish with my final rodeo of the calendar year in Brookings, SD, then it’s time to put the finishing touches on things for the PRCA National Convention in December. I will once again be sharing a booth with PRCA Bullfighter Josh Rivinius. We will be in booth #416 this year. Stop by and say hello, and if your looking for an announcer or a great bullfighter for your event we would love to visit with you!

God Bless, and Happy Trails!


March / April 2012

Well, things have been booming here in the 1st quarter of 2012 in my voice-over business adding some great new clients, and just in the past few weeks I have also been busy traveling and working some rodeo events too.

The last weekend in March found me traveling to the Jersey shore to work the Atlantic City Boardwalk PRCA Rodeo as it’s music director. Steamboat Rock, Iowa’s Hippie Englekes worked the barrel, Tim Fuller of Tulsa, Oklahoma was behind the mic, & Jessica Blair along with Shane & Suzie Karson provided the awesome specialty acts. Janet Markowitz and the Atlantic City Boardwalk Rodeo committee did an excellent job putting on this second year event. The crowds were very responsive and fun to work. They have invited me back again for next year and am already looking forward to it!

Last week Nicky and I went to Brookings, SD for one of the best regular season College rodeos in the Nation, the 58th South Dakota State University Jackrabbit Stampede. This was my 10th straight year as the in-house announcer and the 7th year for Nicky to be running the music. The Swiftel Center crew (especially Tom Richter, & Scott Smith) along with the SDSU Rodeo Club, and Sutton Rodeo do an excellent job putting this event together! All but 1 year since I have been working this rodeo it has been a double header, meaning two separate rodeos in the same weekend. A total of 6 rodeo performances and the two short round performances (that features the top 10 of each event in each of the two rodeos) was televised courtesy of South Dakota Public broadcasting.  South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame Broadcaster and longtime rodeo announcer Jim Thompson of Spearfish, SD and K Country 102.3 morning show host Brad DeBeer hosted the telecasts. All 6 performances were right around 2 hours each, for College rodeo that is a real fast moving performance.

For those of us here in the mid-west a very unusually mild winter has been followed by an early spring. As I returned from the rodeo in Brookings, my friends at the farm were anxious to get me down to start field work for the corn planting season. Already with a couple of rain delays we are still a few weeks ahead of schedule and hope to have 3,000 acres in by May 5th.

Once again I will be in Litchfield at Cowgirl Tuff arena for the Western Wishes “Never Give Up” Charity Barrel Race, then things really get busy pretty much right through September with events nearly every weekend.

Until next time, stay safe out there and God bless!


P.S. Congratulations to Scott Smith Operations Manager at Swiftel Center, he and His wife are proud parents of a brand new baby girl born sometime after we left Brookings. Celia Lynette Smith 19″ 6 lbs 12 oz!!!

A little voice-over fun!

I stumbled on this and thought it was pretty fun and brings up a very important question.  Do you have a regional accent? If so, what have you done about erasing it?

Lot’s of voice-over talent myself included, have had coaching just to get rid of that regional accent and get that neutral American English that is most widely accepted in professional voice work. True, there is that occasional job that prefers the regional accent of a given area. One of the hardest things to do is to switch between a regional accent and neutral English when needed.

For fun I invite you to take this test linked below, share your results in the comments below. What training have you done or tricks do you use to control your regional accent?